Numbers matter

Thursday, October 04, 2007 | 11:18 PM

Leonardo Mesquita, Software Engineer

If you have a big community (with more than a thousand members), you may have had a surprise last weekend as you saw a sudden drop in the number of members. Don't panic! It's not people leaving your community; it's just orkut learning to count.

Last weekend our engineering team did a bit of a "cleanup". We heard from those of you who are community members that the number of members listed in your community didn't match the number of people that you know are actually members. As more of you mentioned this in the Help Center and Group, we decided to look into it, and we fixed the problem. Now the number listed should match the actual number of members in your member list. As a result, some large communities saw a drop of 100 members.

This was just an initial adjustment. Now we're working to keep this and other counters correct all of the time. Community members, let us know if you have questions.