Scrap in Hindi

Wednesday, October 10, 2007 | 9:53 AM

Hinglish, the usage of both Hindi and English words in the same sentence, is an extremely popular form of communication in India - so much so that the venerable Oxford English dictionary now recognizes this as an official English word! And orkut's popularity in India means that a lot of scraps between friends are written this way.

Wouldn't it be fun if your Hinglish scraps automatically showed up in the native script, Devanāgarī ? Now we provide you with an easy way to do exactly that! Just edit your profile and add Hindi to the list of languages that you speak. Now visit any of your friend's scrapbook or just hit reply to your friend's scrap on your scrapbook and you will see an option to "type in Hindi" above the scrap compose area. Check that option (or just hit ctrl+g), and start typing your Hindi words in English as you normally do. And lo and behold, the words will get converted to Hindi script as you type! Don't like the transliteration we propose? Click on the Hindi word and see a list of alternatives that you can select from.

Learn more about this feature here, give it a whirl, discuss it, and spread the word. Happy scrapping!