Now see 10 recent profile visitors!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007 | 9:51 AM


If you're not busy checking scraps, chances are you are checking out who visited your profile lately. After all, aren't you curious who's taking an interest in you, checking out your photos, and keeping up with the things going on in your life? Even if they don't leave you a scrap, you still know they care :)

In fact, increasing the number of recent visitors listed has been a very popular request, and so starting today, you'll see your ten most recent profile visitors instead of five. Of course, if you'd rather no one saw whose profiles you've been visiting, you can go to "settings" and click on the privacy tab to opt out.

We like it when you show an interest in orkut by sending us suggestions, and your friends like it when you show an interest in them. So keep letting us know what we can do to make orkut better, by telling us in the orkut Help Group, and keep letting your friends know you care by visiting their profiles!