orkut on your homepage!

Monday, November 26, 2007 | 5:32 PM

Posted by Natalie Schwartz, orkut team

Did you know that instead of bookmarking the blog, or going to orkut.com and clicking on blog to see if we have updated the conte
nt, you can simply add this blog to your Google homepage? If you're unfamiliar with iGoogle, it is a customizable Google search page that you can add all sorts of gadgets to. In addition to adding any blog, you can select from a variety of games, tools, pictures and more to make your homepage your own. You can pick which gadgets you'd like to add from our Gadget directory. You can also bring your orkut birthdays to your homepage by adding the orkut birthday gadget. Some of my other favorites are the YouTube and Gmail gadgets. You can also select one of 11 themes or designs and color schemes that make your page more colorful. Just click on "Select theme" on your iGoogle page, and pick the one that best suits you. Some of them even change throughout the day based on your location, like the cityscape shown below. You can save your gadgets to the page simply by signing in to iGoogle with your Google account (the same sign-in you use for orkut). So next time you go to google.com, can click on "iGoogle" in the top left hand corner of the screen and see all of your stuff (or go directly to google.com/ig).

Have an idea for a gadget that you'd like on your iGoogle homepage? You can create one! Any developer can use our
gadget API. Check it out to see how simple it is to create a gadget and upload and share it with the world.