Keeping your content private

Tuesday, December 04, 2007 | 12:06 AM

Have you desperately wanted to show off photos from a recent romanitc getaway or from friends' really "colorful" party? Or have you wanted to put up videos that feature your family & friends but held back because you didn't want the whole world to see them? Well then, we have just the feature for you! You can now make your photos, videos and testimonials viewable to just your friends. While many of you love orkut for its open nature, we understand that there are some things you'd rather not share with the whole community (and we've heard you say so in our help group). So if you'd prefer to keep your photos, video or testimonials amoung friends, just go to the settings page and click the privacy tab. You can then set the privacy to friends, add personal content to your heart's content and rest assured that no one other than your own friends will be able to see it!