Upload more photos, faster!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008 | 4:36 PM

Abhishek Surana, Software Engineer

Back from a vacation? Had a party? Surely you must have a ton of photos to share with your orkut friends. Well, we're happy to tell you that we've made sharing those photos with your orkut friends even easier. We have increased the photo limit, so now you can share up to 1,000 photos, and made the upload experience faster for Internet Explorer users.

If you're on orkut with Internet Explorer, click on the link for "New! Upload multiple photos" on your albums page. It takes you through an instructions page for installing the application needed to upload multiple photos at once.

Once you have completed the installation, simply click "add photos" and select multiple photos at once to upload to your selected album. You can remove the photos selectively if you don't like them, as you can see the smaller images before they are installed. Ready? Just click on "upload photos" to complete the job.

Now there is no need to pick and choose a small set of photos to upload to orkut, because you can simply create an album and upload all photos from your event at once!